Hi I’m Jess, nice to meet you
I decided I would start this blog because I need somewhere to let ideas and creativity to fall out of my brain and if it’s useful for other people too, then great!

I have lot’s of different hobbies so this is going to be a very diverse blog but it’s all me so, welcome to the crazy. I will post my horrendous paintings, my average recipes, garden tips (which will probably come from Mum because she is oh so much more wise than I when it comes to gardening – and most other things), designs, memories, songs I like, my slight (ok not slight) obsession with Harry Potter, unicorns and colour; my travels and my favourite past time of dancing in the kitchen.

Why stripes and bees?
Well, I wear a lot of stripes and bees because I am an avid gardener and plant flowers that bees and butterflies like (bee’s a fascinating to watch too with their waggle dancers…).