Bacon, Pecan and Green Bean Salad

Really simple salad but so SO tasty. It’s quite wintery and could probably do with some pomegranate or something to add more colour (or peppers or tomato or… add what you want really).

Also, this recipe is definitely for one which is why my measurements are estimates. I also didn’t write anything down whilst i was making it…


  • Smoked back bacon  – 2 rashers
  • Pecan nuts – handful
  • Green beans – 9?
  • Mushrooms – 3?
  • Spinach and butterhead lettuce leaves – handful


  1. Cut up the bacon and put into a warm (preferable non-stick) frying pan
  2. Cut up the green beans into thirds and slice or quarter the mushrooms
  3. Heat a pan with a little butter and put in the mushrooms
  4. When the mushrooms begin to sweat add a little pepper and then remove both the bacon and mushrooms from the pan
  5. Add the green beans to the pan and keep over the heat (you might need to add a little butter/oil at the point). The heat will help to soften them
  6. Take the green beans out of the pan
  7. Toast the pecans in the pan
  8. Tip the ingredients out of the pan back into the pan to warm up again
  9. In a bowl/ on a plate / find something to eat out of – put your leaves on/in it as the start to your salad
  10. Tip pan ingredients onto salad
  11. Tadah!

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